Teen Programming & Activity Ideas

Looking for a new program idea to get you out of a rut? How about a new booklist? These are things that have worked for my teens or that I'd like to try. I'd appreciate any comments, suggestions, or hearing how you took an idea and rocket it at your library! One of my mentor's favorite sayings was "Why reinvent the wheel?!" Let's share!

Afternoon Program Ideas

Pom Pom Bookmarks  - A warm, fuzzy twist on the classic page marker!

Healthier Single Serve Mac n Cheese - No weird orange powdered cheese here!

Library Scavenger Hunt - Because who doesn't want to turn teens lose in a library??

DIY Lava Lamps - Science meets awesome!

3-2-1 Cakes - Quick, easy, yummy after school snack!

Ice Cream in a Bag - The perfectly delicious drop in program!


Hot Reads for Teens Spring 2016 - The current buzz books in all your favorite YA genres!

Hot Reads for Teens Summer 2016 - The hottest YA reads in time for summer!

Passive Programs

Winter Reading Bingo  - Shed the winter blues with Bingo!

Get Out & Read Summer Challenge - No more required number of books read for summer reading! 

Special Holiday & Month Programming

Teen Times Spring 2016 - Four months of programming in a handy dandy pamphlet!

Connecting Teens to Local History - It can be done!

Teen Times Fall 2016 - Pumpkins, Turkeys, Santa...does fall programming get any better?

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